WAC/LTC/AT Present:

Zoom Workshop Series (Summer 2024)

We hope you’re looking forward to some much-needed relaxation as the 2023-24 academic year comes to a close.  But, as we all know, the academic cycle never fully winds to a halt, and before we know it fall classes will be upon us. 

With that in mind, the LTC, WAC and Academic Technology programs are piloting a series of short, focused workshops designed to help faculty think about a few major issues that we’ll all face in the coming academic year. These sessions will be short (90 min each) and intended to produce concrete strategies that you can apply in your courses. They’ll also take place over Zoom, so you can attend from whatever part of the world (or your house) you happen to find yourself in at the time. 

If you’re interested in attending one or more of these sessions, please sign up below.  We’ll send the Zoom link out to everyone who’s signed up ~24 hours before the sessions begin.  

If you have any questions about the individual sessions or the series as a whole, please contact George Cusack, the WAC Director. 

Workshop Descriptions

Designing Writing Assignments with AI in Mind

Monday, June 24, 2024; 10:30-noon CST

As Generative AI (GAI) tools like ChatGPT become more accessible, versatile, and powerful, all faculty need to develop a sense of what these tools can do and how they might affect students’ work and learning in your courses. Whether you allow, forbid, or actively incorporate GAI tools in your assignments, you’ll serve your students best if your policies reflect reasoned, informed choices that you can present to them in the context of your course goals and your expectations for their learning. 

This workshop will discuss the current capabilities of the major GAI tools and offer concrete strategies to determine how GAI might affect your assignments. We’ll also discuss ways to address GAI and its limitations with your students, regardless of the boundaries you choose to draw for its use in your courses.

Led by George Cusack, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum

Making Reading Matter in Your Courses

Monday, July 8, 2024; 10:30-noon CST

In our March 2024 survey, a majority of the faculty respondents reported that at least some of their students didn’t demonstrate the reading skills necessary to succeed in their classes. This finding echoes national data on student reading skills and anecdotal reports from Carleton faculty and students.

This workshop is designed to help faculty identify the reading skills that students need to thrive in their courses and to make those skills an explicit part of their curricula. In our session, we’ll discuss the different kinds of texts that we assign in our courses, the outcomes we expect from students who do that reading well, and the ways we articulate these expectations to students. We’ll also discuss strategies for assessing, developing, and supporting students’ reading skills.

Led by George Cusack, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum

UDL Perspectives:  AI in Writing and Enhancing Reading Comprehension

Monday, July 22 10:30-noon CST

This workshop will build on the previous two summer workshops by exploring the integration of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles and AI technology into the teaching of writing and reading skills. In regards to writing, we will examine how UDL can be strategically utilized to encourage ethical, effective, and appropriate use of AI in writing. Discussion will focus on maintaining academic integrity while also considering the accessibility and inclusivity of AI tools in supporting diverse learner needs. Reading comprehension will look at applying UDL principles to enhance reading such as various methods to increase multiple means of representation and engagement, and review some of the technological tools Carleton has to offer to support these methods.

Led by Don Vosburg, Academic Technologist of Learning Innovation

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Please note: we are unable to offer stipends for the 2024 workshop series.

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