Last updated Winter/Spring 2024

Tools that can generate, edit, and proofread text via artificial intelligence have been available for several years, but the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022 has made many instructors (and the general public) aware of the potentially massive impact these tools will have on the way our students write.  

These pages seek to provide Carleton instructors with some basic advice for engaging (or deliberately not engaging) AI tools in their courses.  As this is the WAC website, we focus almost entirely on AI tools that generate or edit text, though many of the recommendations here could also apply (with a bit of abstract thinking, in some cases) to other forms of AI, such as image or music generators.

We’ll do our best to keep these pages updated as the technology and the conversation around AI evolves.  If you see errors or outdated information, though, or if you simply have suggestions for improving this resource, please contact George Cusack, the Director of Writing Across the Curriculum.

Additionally, Carleton faculty and staff are invited to join our AI Community of Practice, which hosts a variety of online and in-person conversations about AI and its implications for higher education.