Here are some introductory materials to get you started with writing assignment design:

Designing and Responding to Writing Assignments: this slide deck, developed by the WAC Director for the new faculty seminar, (lightly) covers some of the core concepts in designing effective writing assignments, including scaffolding, connecting assignments to course goals, developing rubrics, and providing effective feedback.

Designing Rubrics: this handout provides a bit more detail on how to develop effective rubrics and includes a few examples of different types.

Questions for Low- and High-Stakes Assignments: this handout provides a list of questions to consider as you design low and high-stakes writing assignments for your courses.

The LTC Archive on Course Design addresses far more than writing assignments, but the general principles of transparency and accessibility that their materials emphasize are certainly applicable to writing assignment design.

For additional help…

Carleton faculty, keep in mind that George Cusack, the WAC Director, is both happy and contractually obligated to help you develop writing assignments in your courses. If you have questions or simply want some feedback on assignments in process, please feel free to email George!