Mission Statement

Writing Assistants assist faculty in supporting students to become independent writers who employ mature writing processes in all disciplines. WAs enhance communication between professors and students. The same students who are nominated by faculty, recruited, interviewed, and trained for tutoring in the writing center also function as WAs attached to specific courses with the Writing Rich (WR designation). In that capacity, WAs use their training as tutors as well as their own savvy about college writing to function as informed peers. Detailed responsibilities for WAs will vary from course to course and professor to professor. Nevertheless, some general practices inform WA work.

Writing Assistants Must

  • be at least a sophomore in good academic standing
  • have demonstrably strong writing skills, as recognized by a faculty member, writing sample, and an interview
  • possess strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • have the desire to assist developing writers
  • complete the writing center training program
  • be able to work three hours per week

Writing Assistants

  • serve as a resource to students, from brainstorming to the finished draft, focusing on process rather than course content
  • create a comfortable environment where students can discuss and improve their writing
  • provide professors with additional feedback about students’ writing, questions, etc.

The Many Roles of a WA

As an undergraduate student, the WA has a finite amount of time and expertise.  As such, professors and students should utilize their WA as a resource within specific guidelines. 

  • As a TUTOR, the WA assists in the writing process, helping students to develop papers for a particular class.
  • As a PEER, the WA works individually with students and their writing. 
  • As a LINK, the WA communicates student progress to the professor and facilitates students’ comprehension of assignments.
  • As a REFERENCE, the WA directs students and faculty to additional resources in the Academic Support Center and the library, as necessary.