Web2020 – Beginning to wind down

30 May 2022

While there is still plenty of work to do, Web Services is seeing the light at the end of the Web2020 tunnel. When we started the project back in 2018, we had no idea what it would take to complete the migration of 700+ sites and find new solutions for our 70+ custom applications, but our hope was that we could complete the project by the end of 2022. At this point, we expect that hope to become a reality.

Here’s a list of some of the key projects we currently have in progress at the moment:

  • Campus Map – we just signed a contract with Concept3D and will begin implementation soon
  • Honors Convocation – re-create a custom solution
  • Digital Signage – re-create a custom solution
  • Career Center Internship database
  • Voice – working on a new format so we can migrate to WordPress
  • Mind-Body-Spirit registration – working on a new solution
  • Schiller payment forms – researching the API that is coming in the next CS Gold update

If you have questions about these, or any other Web2020 related projects, feel free to contact Julie Anderson.