Sites, Apps, 3rd Party & More!

29 March 2019

Below is a brief summary of what went on in Web Services during March 2019:

Site migrations: Africana Studies, Latin American Studies, Spanish, German, Russian, Classics, American Studies, Sociology & Anthropology, and Religion. This puts us at 33 sites total, with several already in the works for April!

Custom Applications: As part of Web2020, Web Services is doing research to determine what options may exist for providing services currently served by custom applications that were built over the past 15 years. In March we worked with departments to gather information for upcoming conversations with the Technology Planning & Prioritizing Committee (TPPC), which will lead to conversations with the departments using these custom applications.

We seek to find the “right tool for the job” based on tools that are available today. We are constantly refining our process and are working to find an ambitious, yet achievable pace for migrating sites over the next year.

3rd Party Activity: Web Services is working with Media Relations and PEAR on the transition from Reason to a new Athletics site hosted by Sidearm. We’re also participating in several conversations with departments that are exploring 3rd party tools for portions of their work.

Ongoing work of the College: We continue to support the ongoing work of the college, although in a limited capacity. Our goal is to work with departments to find the right balance between meeting departmental needs and maintaining focus on Web2020.