New Campus Calendar coming in December, and more!

22 November 2021

You may recall from the fall “Welcome Back” issue of the ITS Update that a new campus calendar for WordPress is in progress. The calendar is being tested by more than 20 of our faculty and staff colleagues and will launch the week of December 6th. As part of the launch, Web Services will be migrating over 150 departmental calendars to WordPress, so we ask that people refrain from adding/editing events during that week.Three months of past events and all future events will be migrated to the new calendar for launch. Web Services will migrate events from 5 years to 3 months back in a second pass sometime after the initial launch.

Other Web2020 project updates: 

  • A new Alumni Network site will launch in December
  • Testing on the Alumni Directory for WordPress is in progress. The directory is scheduled to launch in January. 
  • A new alumni update form is in progress and will be tested in December and launched in January. 
  • Web Services partnered with the Data Squad to develop an improved version of the Pathways visual for WordPress. Finishing touches are in progress and a launch date will be determined soon. 
  • Next up: Campus Map, Voice

 Please contact Julie Anderson with any questions.