Will everything work the same on WordPress?

One of the goals of Web2020 is to to “find the right tool for the job,” which often means less custom development is needed in the CMS and results in more maintainable and sustainable solutions. Custom solutions have a large up-front and ongoing maintenance cost, and they take developer time away from doing new things.

As we prepare for a migration, we take a look at what the current site does and we do our best to map that functionality to WordPress options, including plug-ins. We have conversations with the point person and others in the department, as needed, to discuss goals and options. In some cases we will explore third-party solutions, since many tools are available today that weren’t when we developed the Reason tool set. It’s likely that tweaks to the current process will be needed as we identify new ways to serve needs, but we are confident there will be new benefits as well.

College leadership is engaged with the web team on Web2020 and helps determine when custom work is necessary and when we need to find other ways to achieve goals.