The Carleton banner is the primary way that Carleton’s brand is conveyed online. It helps people identify a web page as belonging to Carleton, it provides quick access to Carleton’s home page, major pages, and search tools, and it lends authority and consistency to any College communication.

When should it be used?

The Carleton banner should be used on all web pages that are official communications of the College, whether internal or external, if it is technically possible. If you have a website or page that you feel should be exempted from this requirement, please contact the Web Services Group to discuss why you think the site should not use the Carleton banner.

When should it not be used?

The Carleton banner should not be used on personal pages, student organization pages, or other sites or pages that do not officially represent the College.

How do I use it?

Here’s how to include the Carleton banner on official Carleton web pages:

In Reason

To get the Carleton banner on a Reason site, simply select a theme that includes the Carleton banner. If there aren’t any available to your site, please contact Doug Bratland in the Web Services Group to ask about having a theme with the Carleton banner applied to your site.

Using PHP on

Using a server-side scripting language like PHP, Ruby, JSP, etc. on another server

Preferred approach:

  1. Schedule a regular process (a cron job or similar) to fetch the URL and store it locally.
  2. Use a simple local include like the one above to pull in the bluebar

Simple approach (not prefered):

This example is in PHP, but the essential concept should be straightforward to implement in other languages.

Note that this implementation will cause your web page to hang if communication is disrupted to Hence the preferred approach above.

A static HTML page

Copy and paste the the html below into your page.

Note that the bluebar gets updated from time to time. To ensure that the bluebar in your static site is updated, check back from time to time and replace the code when needed. The bluebar code was last updated on [[bluebar-source-last-updated-date]].