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Photo of Julie Anderson
Julie Anderson Bio
Director of Web Services
Phone: 507 222 4321

Julie is the web team’s leader, strategist, and project manager, mapping out web project priorities that balance the needs of internal clients and the college as a whole. She also serves as the liaison between the Web Services Group and ITS, ensuring that the team’s work reflects Carleton’s strategic technology planning.

Photo of Doug Bratland
Doug Bratland Bio
Web Content and Design Strategist
Phone: 507 222 5462

Doug works in the Division of Communications. His job as Web Content and Design Strategist is to create user-focused websites that reflect the college brand, as well as best practices in content and design strategy. He works with all sorts of people across the college to help them get their content online in a way that looks good and works well for all website visitors.

Photo of Matt Buresh
Matt Buresh
Web Application Developer
Photo of David Huyck
David Huyck ’98 Bio
Senior Web Application Developer

David is a top-notch web programmer as well as a professional artist (you may have seen his illustrations in the Winter 2017 issue of the Voice). His work spans the development of both Reason and WordPress and their integrations with other back-end systems. David also served as technical lead for the Admissions redesign project.

Photo of Sarah Scofield
Sarah Scofield Bio
Web Content and Training Specialist
Phone: 507 222 4589

Sarah works in the Division of Communications as the web content and training specialist. In this role, she provides support to offices, departments, and website maintainers through training and documentation to improve the content, appearance, and organization of their websites.

Photo of Kyle Veldhuizen
Kyle Veldhuizen Bio