1. Technology Planning & Priorities Committee (TPPC) (Advise, Decide)

Top-level policy setting and major technology infrastructure decisions; also court of last resort for resolving major project/resource priorities. Initially, the goal is to engage this group in technology request priority setting, so we can establish guidelines for resource allocation and priority setting going forward.

2. Web Advisory Group (Advise, Recommend)

Advises Web Services and ITS/Comms leadership on stakeholder communications, policy, and possibly prioritization of work. This group will meet 1-2 times per term; members are asked to serve a 2 year term.


  • Julie Anderson (ITS)
  • Helen Clarke (CCOM)
  • Tammy Anderson (DOS)
  • Jaime Anthony (ADM)
  • Sean Fox (SERC)
  • Peggy Pfister (DOC)
  • Linda Thornton (BO)
  • Carla Thomas (ER)
  • Faculty member (tbd)
  • ZhaoBin Li (CSA/ITS student rep)
  • Rotating WSG team member
  • Periodically: Janet Scannell, Julie Creamer

3. ITS & College Communications (CCOM) Leadership (Accountable, Advise, Inform, Decide)

ITS and CCOM leadership will be informed of web project status, will advise on decisions, and will approve recommendations that do not require TPPC approval.

4. Web Services Group (WSG) (Advise, Implement, Decide)

WSG is the standing working group for web projects, content management, web content strategy and standards, and service maintenance. In addition to performing hands-on management of carleton.edu, WSG provides expert advice and recommendations to other bodies and are the primary service point for community members with web needs. The Web Service Group website contains more detailed information about the role of Web Services at Carleton.

5. Web Editors Group (Inform)

Staff and faculty members designated as a primary site maintainer for at least one Carleton website are automatically included in this group. Other site authors/editors are welcome to join upon request. Web Services will engage this group through email updates, training and information sessions, and feedback opportunities.