Web Services

  • Oversees and supports the college Content Management System (CMS)
  • Develops and supports college-approved web applications
  • Consults on, develops, applies, and educates on college-wide standards for web communication. Includes content, design, branding, and marketing.
  • Ensures the CMS and web applications are usable, accessible, secure, and performant
  • Primary point of contact for faculty, staff, and students who need administrative web support
    • Develops and supports websites and applications to support courses and research

College Communications

  • Develops, consults on, applies and educates on overall brand identity, design, style and communications standards for the college
  • Develops college marketing strategy, to include digital marketing, and advises and collaborates with Web Services in its implementation

Special Areas of Oversight

Accessibility Resources, Human Resources, Risk Management, Copyright Committee, Registrar (FERPA)

  • These entities represent specific areas of concern that apply to Carleton’s entire web presence.
  • These entities will be consulted to ensure that they are aware of decisions that impact their area of concern.
  • Consulted, Informed, Accountable regarding their areas of concern

Deans & VPs

  • May choose to establish further standards for sites managed by their division. For example, the Office of the Provost may require academic departments to create and maintain specific pages in their sites.
  • May appoint individuals as “Multi-site coordinators” who oversee and monitor the content of a set of sites to ensure consistency and divisional standards. (Example: Peggy Pfister for academic departments)

Unit (Division, Office, Department, Committee, Program)

Responsible for keeping their site(s) up-to-date

  • Site Owners: Individuals with authority to make decisions about unit’s site(s). Often a director or chair.
    • Identify, supervise, and direct site primary maintainers and authors
    • Make decisions regarding unit site(s) content
    • Provide strategic direction for unit site(s)
    • Ensure that sufficient departmental resources are available for updates, additions, review
  • Primary Site Maintainers: Individuals identified by site owners as the primary point of contact regarding a given site
    • Coordinates other site authors
    • Publicly listed as the individual to contact regarding the site
    • Request training and access for site authors
    • Person primarily responsible for the direct management of the site
    • Initial point of contact for WSG and other groups regarding the site
  • Site Authors: Individuals authorized to edit and manage site content
    • Learn and use the college CMS to create and update web content to a high quality standard
    • Keep up to date on essential web author best practices, including CMS training, writing for the web, and web content accessibility.
    • Specific details of training process & requirements TBD