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Official Carleton College (college departments, administrative offices, initiatives, services, profiles, directory, etc.)Tier IFull support
Contact: WSG
Site owner, site author(s), WSGWordPress or approved 3rd Party
Faculty/staff professional (in support of their role at Carleton)Tier IIShared support
Primary contact: AT Secondary: WSG
Faculty or staff memberWordPress
Alumni (class sites, etc.)Tier IIShared support
Primary contact: ARO Secondary: WSG
Alumni Relations OfficeWordPress
GrantTier IIUp to 3 hours (see ITS Service Catalog for details) Contact: WSGGrant recipient(s) and/or designeeWordPress
Projects/Committees/Events/Digital ExhibitsTier IIShared support
Contact: WSG
Project lead or Sponsoring departmentWordPress
Institutionally-aligned student orgs (e.g., CSA, Carleton Players, SUMO)Tier IIShared support
Contact: WSG
Student org repsWordPress
All other student orgsTier IIISelf-support
Contact: Student Activities
Student org repsPresence
Faculty/Staff/Student personal (unrelated to the individual’s role at Carleton)Tier IIISelf-supportIndividualNon-Carleton
Course & Student Portfolio (class projects, OCS blog, etc.)Tier IIIShared support (Moodle, WordPress, Omeka)
Self-support (Google Site, others)  
Contact: AT
Faculty member or designee, StudentsMoodle, WordPress, Omeka, Google sites, et al.
Mobile & Misc Web AppsTier IIIFull or shared support only with pre-approvalAuthor, if availableTBD