Web Extra: Fixity Tips

19 November 2013
Katherine Hayes ’92

Katherine Hayes ’92 [“Worth Saving”] offers some tips for fixing items instead of replacing them:

To shine silver jewelry: Rub with toothpaste (not gel). The same polishing properties that keep your teeth pearly white can give your silver jewelry a renewed sparkle.

To mend broken ceramics: Fill any gaps caused by missing pieces with mosaic tile grout (not sanded). Mix acrylic paint into the grout to match the ceramic item’s color.

To stop a small hole in a knit fabric: Thread a needle with a color that matches the fabric, use it to pick up bits of yarn around the edge of the hole, pull the thread tight, and tie a knot on the underside of the fabric.

To resize a ring: Use a layer of epoxy along the inside edge of the band to give a loose ring a snug fit. Adjust the length of the layer of epoxy until the fit feels right.

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