Tracking Tenure

26 September 2023

Illustrations by Dan Williams

Congratulations to Carleton College’s newest tenured faculty members.

Illustration of Jonathan Lafky

Jonathan Lafky, associate professor of economics

Co-founder of the Liberal Arts College Behavioral and Experimental Economists group, Lafky joined the Carleton faculty in 2016. His research focuses on how and why individuals share information with others in economic situations.

Illustration of Christina Farhart

Christina Farhart, associate professor of political science

Farhart joined Carleton’s political science department in 2017. A researcher interested in the causes and consequences of misinformation and conspiracy theories, she has also studied the impacts of political disaffection on political behavior.

Illustration of Andy Poppick

Andy Poppick, associate professor of statistics

Poppick joined the Carleton faculty in 2016 and focuses his research on statistical climatology. “I am particularly interested in characterizing climate variability and changes thereof,” he writes, “and in comparing and combining information from observations with climate model output.”

Illustration of Sandra Rousseau

Sandra Rousseau, associate professor of French

Rousseau teaches courses in contemporary French and Francophone culture, history, and memory. On the faculty since 2015, her upcoming classes include Balloons and Cultures: Graphic Novels of the French Speaking World and Contemporary France and Humor.

Illustration of Juliane Schicker

Juliane Schicker, associate professor of German

A scholar of German language and culture, Schicker joined the Carleton faculty in 2015. Her interdisciplinary research into East German music, architecture, and the fine arts has touched on Rammstein, Gustav Mahler, hip hop, and the Gewandhaus concert hall in Leipzig.

Illustration of Adam Loy

Adam Loy, associate professor of statistics

At Carleton since 2017, Loy’s research focuses on incorporating realistic computation and visualization into the classroom, exploring the potential of visual inference, and developing better visualizations to explore complex models.

Illustration of Catherine Licata

Catherine Licata, associate professor of cinema and media studies

A member of the Carleton faculty since 2016, Licata specializes in short narrative films that focus on conflict, status, and power dynamics in relationships. Her short The Invite (2023) won the Audience Choice Award at this year’s Independent Film Festival Boston.

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