Tapestries for Teamsters

26 September 2023
Artwork by Brooks Turner" "Voters in Revolt"

Before 1934, Minneapolis was a non-union town, a status Teamsters Local 574 helped change through a series of strikes nearly 90 years ago.

In a new Perlman Teaching Museum exhibition, Brooks Turner shares a series of new tapestries that illustrate tactics of anti-fascist resistance through the lens of union organizing. One, Voters in Revolt, melds images of a police confrontation with a striker, a headline from a labor paper, and the funeral procession for Henry Ness, one of the Teamsters killed by police in July 1934.

“Tapestries often depicted scenes from mythology or history, functioning to justify the hierarchies of royalty, the church, and the aristocracy,” Turner says. “I’m interested in subverting this history by depicting union organization, while still embracing their social potential as [. . . ] ‘nomadic murals.’”

Pedagogy and Propaganda is on view at the Weitz Center for Creativity through November 15, 2023.

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