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28 February 2023

Appreciating Teresa Scalzo

My daughter graduated from Carleton in 1997, shortly before you became editor of the Voice. I have read most of every issue since. The magazine has been brilliantly designed, consistently well written and edited, and credible—less an admissions viewbook or a quarterly pep rally than a carefully ground lens bringing a fine place and community into focus.

Alumni magazines, done well, are more important to their institutions than is usually realized within the walls. The Carleton College Voice has been done well. I appreciate and am grateful for your fine work.

—Peter Vaughn P ’97

Your final issue of the Voice was simply first-rate, cover to cover. I read and thoroughly enjoyed it, in its first evening here, in Southwest Harbor, Maine. I have enjoyed the publication since the 1960s, when Beatrice Wardell was editor. President Lewis was right: You were a good choice, a perfect fit. Thanks for all you have given us over the years.

—Bob Seddig ’63

I thoroughly enjoyed this latest (and your last) issue of the Voice. Your letter was very moving to me. From your acknowledgment of the warmth of President Lewis to what makes you proud of your work, it is a class act, as has been your work on the Voice.

—Sam Demas, Carleton College Librarian, Emeritus

Teresa, “your” Voice has been my best Carleton connection since graduating in 1960. Your team has vividly documented, in a wide-ranging way, its progressive evolution. As a class-spirited Carl, I’ve greatly appreciated your coverage of stellar individuals like “our” President Gould and classmate Mike Gartner ’60.

Your heartfelt farewell letter rings a fine note of accomplishment. I’m grateful for your decision, those many years ago, to stay.

—John M. Thompson ’60

Remembering Peter Schjeldahl

I would like to recognize the recent passing of alum Peter Schjeldahl ’64, the New Yorker’s art columnist for more than 20 years and one of the most influential critics of the past half-century.

I started reading his reviews in the Village Voice when I was an art history major at Carleton; I loved his writing even before I learned of his connection to the college. He will be sorely missed by art lovers who relished his insightful and often funny commentary. To quote Schjeldahl: “I define contemporary art as every work that exists at the present moment—5,000 years or five minutes old. We look with contemporary eyes. What other eyes are there?”

—Jane Karp ’93

Discrimination Past and Present

I am deeply disappointed at the decision by Carleton to support race-based discrimination in college applications [“Affirmative Action on Trial,” Fall 2022]. While I can understand the social pressures that have informed this decision, it is tragic that our college—once a bastion of nondiscrimination and liberal thought—finds it appropriate to support this, as it is completely opposed to the notion that all men and women are equal in the sight of God. Present discrimination cannot be a remedy for past discrimination.

—Jamie Hall ’64

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