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11 November 2022

A Simple but Powerful Message

Nancy Wilkie [William H. Laird Professor of Classics, Anthropology, and the Liberal Arts, Emerita] was a major reason I went to Carleton. I applied early decision without visiting (from California!), and I did a lot of research. Carleton was—might still be—the only liberal arts school with a proper archaeology program and, at the time, I was really interested in it.

I emailed Professor Wilkie, who was then–president of the American Institute of Archaeology, and asked her about the concentration. To my surprise, she emailed me right back, ending the communication with: “If you have any questions or ideas, please let me know.” Ideas? A dumb high school student and you’re asking me for ideas? That was extraordinary and kind of sealed the deal for me coming to Carleton.

In Northfield, I took all of her classes and even worked for her in the archaeology lab in the basement of Goodsell. I loved having the keys to that building! I was sad to hear about her passing [on January 18, 2021], but I always share the story of her email when people ask me how I ended up at Carleton.

—Trevor McNeil ’04

A Musical Note

Carleton trustee Mark Applebaum ’89, and his dad, Bob, recently performed a program of jazz for two pianos at our senior residence in Palo Alto. To the delight of all, they have performed for us annually since we linked up at an alumni event.

Mark is a popular professor of composition at Stanford. Bob, who also has music in his bones, taught physics and chemistry at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois, until, after his retirement, he joined Mark and his family in California.

—Nancy Jordan Fiene ’56

A Farewell to Carleton

This issue marks the end of my tenure as editor of the Carleton College Voice. I have loved producing this magazine for the Carleton community for 25 years.

When I accepted this position in October 1997, I planned to hang around for two years—long enough to redesign and refresh a magazine that hadn’t been updated in many years. But just as it has done for thousands of students, Carleton drew me in and held me close. And I stayed. It hasn’t always been a smooth ride—Carleton alumni have opinions!—but it has been intellectually and professionally rewarding beyond my expectations.

From the beginning, my goals were to produce a magazine that represented the college honestly and accurately, tackled tough issues fairly, and could hold its own on any newsstand. Numerous readership surveys and magazine awards tell me that we’ve accomplished those goals, and still, some of my proudest moments were when alumni told me: My partner, who didn’t even go to Carleton, reads every issue cover to cover.

The list of people who’ve helped me produce this magazine over the years is too long to include here, but I do want to call out President Stephen R. Lewis Jr., whose candor, warmth, and unyielding passion for Carleton convinced me to take this job. And then, through his openness and inclusivity, demonstrated over and over again that I’d made the right decision.

And finally, to all of you: the alumni, faculty and staff members, and students who so graciously allowed me to tell your stories and come into your homes four times a year: Thank you.

—Teresa Scalzo
Editor, Carleton College Voice, 1997–2022

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