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10 October 2018

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I was elated to see your feature on Ramsey County commissioner Toni Carter [One Day Apprentice, spring]. She’s a terrific human being and I am thankful to have known her since our Carleton days. You should hear her roaring solo singing with the Inspirational Movement choir when former UN ambassador and Atlanta mayor Andrew Young came to speak at Carleton in 1972. Got it on tape. Toni is inspiring!
—Cornell Hills ’74

The Voice article about Jeff Appelquist’s Gettysburg battlefield leadership tour for Carleton students [“On Hallowed Ground,” summer] called to mind our classmate John Krohn ’61, who has been a battlefield tour guide for 18 years. John started guiding tours as a weekend avocation. Now retired, he leads tours throughout the week. However, in winter, when the Carleton students are trouping the grounds, John is in the warmer fields of Key West, Florida. Some years back, our class had a mini-reunion in Gettysburg with John as our host and guide. It was a good time.
—Larry Gregg ’61, Dan Pearson ’61, and other members of the Class of ’61

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My students are being interviewed in the lab next door for an article while I work in my office. I occasionally catch little bits of their conversation, and it’s so rewarding to hear these rock star @CarletonCollege students talk about the awesome work they’re doing.

— Rika Anderson (@RikaEAnderson) July 13, 2018

Love the cover design of the new @CarletonCollege Voice.

— Doug Mack (@douglasmack) August 3, 2018

NBD, just some ’98 grads taking on the homemade slip-n-slide. 😀 #reunion @CarletonCollege

— Strive & Uplift (@striveanduplift) June 16, 2018

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