High 5: Campus Construction and Renvoation Projects

8 October 2018
geothermal energy

Five things we did on campus over the summer.

  1. Geothermal under the Bald Spot
    Crews are drilling 133 vertical bores under the Bald Spot. Each bore is 520 feet deep—the equivalent of three Carleton smokestacks—and contains “loops” that will circlate water to the energy station located beneath the new science facility. The Bald Spot will be restored once the new system is complete.
  2. Little Nourse Theater
    New wiring and lights, an expanded tech booth, spruced-up dressing rooms, stage modifications, and a backstage restroom were completed and the aging audience seats were replaced with seats from the recently decommissioned Concert Hall. Next summer an accessible lift will be installed to help everyone access the theater and stage.
  3. Integrated science facility
    In late June the last steel beam—signed by more than a hundred students, faculty and staff members, and alumni—was set in place on the new science building, which is scheduled to open in summer 2019.
  4. Laird Hall lounge
    A second-floor classroom has been renovated to serve as flexible academic and lounge space for the English department. The doorway was outfitted with wood trim and a glass sidelight and transom to match Laird’s 1905 American Renaissance architecture.
  5. Burton Hall masonry
    Likely overlooked by the casual observer, replacing the mortar on Carleton’s historic buildings is an essential part of campus maintenance. Repairing Burton’s masonry is so large a project that it will continue over three consecutive summers.

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