Class Notes: Winter 2024

7 February 2024

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BILL BUFFETT ’55, Arlington, Mass., wrote, “In September, I became a member of the board of the Metropolitan Opera.”

DAVID APPLEYARD ’61, Northfield, wrote, “A student I had at Carleton, Karl Scholz ’81, has been named president of the University of Oregon. It’s quite a remarkable achievement.”

ROBERT ABY ’67, Northfield, wrote, “Tom Dean ’67, ‘a voice for rural healthcare,’ was inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame in 2023.”

CHARITY EVERITT ’68, Tucson, Ariz., wrote, “My poetry chapbook, Translation from the Ordinary, was published by Finishing Line Press at the end of November 2023.”

Go Carleton!

Marta Tuff Maddy ’77, Duluth, Minn., wrote, “Abby Walton, the coach of the women’s volleyball team, has been inviting team alums to their games. Living in Duluth, I went to their match at the College of St. Scholastica in September. It had been 50 years, I realized, since I first set foot on a court at Carleton. Before the game, I was greeted in the stands by the team captain (who gave me a Knights T-shirt), cheered loudly during the match, and was delightfully surprised by the whole team climbing up the bleachers to welcome me down for a photo op. They knocked my socks off with the warmth of their welcome (not to mention their strength, skill, and joy in playing together). Go Carleton! So thankful that Coach Abby reached out to attend this game!”

MARNIE AMMENTORP ’91, Minneapolis, wrote, “In April I published my second novel in Japanese, Good-evening, Sun Tower or konbanwa taiyou no tou (Bungei-shunju Press, Tokyo 2023). It’s my second novel, after Bye-bye, Bag Lady in 2021. It was well-received and was featured in the Mainichi Shimbun (Osaka’s newspaper), the Chunichi Shimbun (Nagoya’s newspaper), and Shūkan Bunshun (a nationally distributed magazine).”

Happy 40th to All You 1983ers

NEENA MAHADEV ’00, Singapore, wrote, “I recently completed a book project entitled Karma and Grace: Religious Difference in Millennial Sri Lanka. In 2021, my manuscript was awarded the Claremont Prize for the Study of Religion from the Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life at Columbia University. The ethnography on Buddhist-Christian entanglements and religious pluralism is now available for pre-order from Columbia University Press (discount code CUP20).”

O Pioneer

Jonathan Lacocque ’04, Helvetia, W.Va., wrote, “Clara Lehmann ’04 and I recently world premiered our documentary film, O Pioneer, to audiences at the Cinequest Film Festival in Silicon Valley, California. It won an audience award and played at the Richmond International Film Festival at the end of September, where it was nominated in the ‘best of’ category for documentaries. Find out more about the film at and ask for it at your local theater! We’d love to reconnect with fellow Carls at any of our future screenings! We will bring O Pioneer to theaters across the U.S. next year.

O Pioneer poetically reckons with and redefines the American pioneer as a blacksmith, seamstress, and hospital chaplain navigate immense hardship. The documentary celebrates three Appalachians as they embark upon a journey that unfolds in the midst of a pandemic and personal heartache. Weaving narration with archival pioneer footage, candid moments from each subject, poetic vignettes, and dream-like animation, O Pioneer asks viewers to courageously champion the pioneer within.”

ALEX KORSUNSKY ’12, Seattle, Wash., wrote, “I finished my PhD in Anthropology at Vanderbilt and joined the faculty at South Seattle College.”


Recent Releases

JOHN ROGER PAAS, William H. Laird Professor of German and the Liberal Arts, emeritus, Edward FitzGerald’s Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám and Related Materials, Harrassowitz Verlag, 2023

CHARITY EVERITT ’68, Translation from the Ordinary, Finishing Line Press, 2023 

DANIEL CLARKE SMITH ’72, The Chronokine, Olympia Publishers, 2023

RICK NOVAK ’76, Call From the Jailhouse, Extasy Books, 2023

MATT DIEHL ’90, Boom Chicago Presents the 30 Most Important Years in Dutch History, Akashic Books, 2023

JENNY ROBERTSON ’94, Hoist House: A Novella and Stories, Cornerstone Press, 2023

DEBBIE URBANSKI ’98, After World, Simon & Schuster, 2023

NEENA MAHADEV ’00, Karma and Grace: Religious Difference in Millennial Sri Lanka, Columbia University Press, 2023


Visit the Alumni Farewells website for more notices of alumni deaths. Visit Carleton Farewells for notices of faculty and staff deaths.

JOSEPH BELSHE ’42, Lakeland, Fla., died May 21, 2023. His survivors include Rana Belshe ’72 and nephew James Loch ’94.

GRETCHEN KERNS ’43, Glen Ellyn, Ill., died June 12, 2023.

BELLE MARIE PAULSEN LEUNIG ’45, Belleville, Ill., died July 17, 2023. She was preceded in death by her husband, Irvin.

ELIZABETH THALE CROSS ’47, Bellingham, Wash., died June 29, 2023. She was preceded in death by her husband, Robert Cross ’47, sister Dorothy Hansen ’50, and cousin Mary Gehant-Lagunez ’50. Her survivors include her niece Linda Fisher ’75, daughter Thale Jarvis ’84, and grandson Samuel Jarvis ’23.

NANCY RENNIE JAMES ’47, Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada, died June 30, 2023.

WILLIAM FURLOW ’49, Rochester, Minn., died July 22, 2023. He was preceded in death by his wife, Vanessa, and brother John Furlow ’49.

SHIRLEY STANZ GERAGHTY ’49, Granger, Ind., died July 29, 2023. She was preceded in death by her husband, Clyde.

BARBARA PARK HANSEN ’49, Sarasota, Fla., died September 2, 2023. Her survivors include her husband, Julian.

SARA BEROLZHEIMER WERNER ’49, Sarasota, Fla., died August 18, 2023.

HELEN WILCOX BRADLEY ’50, Lafayette, Ind., died August 18, 2023. She was preceded in death by her husband, John.

ROBERT DELL ’50, Sandwich, Ill., died September 15, 2023. His survivors include his wife, Joyce.

MARY HARRIS LYONS ’50, Alton, N.H., died November 12, 2021. She was preceded in death by her husband, Roger, brother Thad Harris ’51, and sister-in-law Marti Harris ’53.

HOWARD WEINER ’50, Del Mar, Calif., died August 13, 2023.

DEAN MILLMAN ’51, The Woodlands, Tex., died September 4, 2023. He was preceded in death by his wife, Betty, and his mother, Ahda Millman ’25. His survivors include his granddaughter, Tigan Hughes ’10.

JUNE VANDERBORGH SMITH ’51, South Setauket, N.Y., died August 8, 2023. She was preceded in death by her husband, Donald.

PHYLLIS DAUGHERTY COLWELL ’52, Wayzata, Minn., died August 27, 2023. She was preceded in death by her brother Robert Daugherty ’43. Her survivors include her husband, Thomas Colwell ’52, and nephew Robert Bachrach ’76.

FREDERICK DRILL ’52, Minneapolis, died May 17, 2023.

ANN-LAWRIE AISA SLOAN ’52, Saddle River, N.J., died July 17, 2023. She was preceded in death by her husband, Pedro.

SHARON FRANKLIN ’53, Estero, Fla., died September 20, 2023. She was preceded in death by her husband, B.W. Her survivors include her brother, Thomas Moulder ’64.

J. RICHARD BRUHN ’56, Panama City, Fla., died August 22, 2023.

DAVID GORDON ’56, Altoona, Wis., died June 11, 2023. His survivors include wife Suzon and his daughter, Rabbi Debra Gordon ’84.

CHARLES DAHL ’57, Bayport, Minn., died July 5, 2023.

ARDELLE JUNTUNEN HOUGH ’57, Corrales, N.Mex., died August 16, 2023. She was preceded in death by her husband, C. Merrill Hough ’56.

RICHARD PATSEY ’57, Orangevale, Calif., died March 12, 2023.

GEORGE BATSON ’59, Decatur, Ill., died July 11, 2023. He was preceded in death by his brother, Paul Batson ’63. His survivors include his wife, Judith Batson ’59, brother-in-law Bruce Hanna ’66, and son Quinn Batson ’82.

DOUGLAS ROSS ’59, Minneapolis, died July 27, 2023. He was preceded in death by his wife, Anita, and his mother, Maxine Parker Ross ’27.

CLYDE CAUSEY ’60, Montrose, Colo., died August 26, 2023.

WENDY TORCOM WALLEN ’60, San Diego, Calif., died July 12, 2023. She was preceded in death by her husband, Jack.

MARY JENSEN IHLE ’61, Fayetteville, N.Y., died July 14, 2023. She was preceded in death by her husband, Edward.

KENT SANTELMAN ’62, Long Beach, Calif., died August 22, 2023. His survivors include his wife, Pamela.

STEPHEN ELRICK ’63, Maple City, Mich., died July 28, 2023.

JEFFREY LEE ’63, La Vista, Neb., died August 14, 2023. He was preceded in death by his wife, Huong.

WILLIAM WINGATE ’65, Sheboygan, Wis., died June 18, 2023. He was preceded in death by his grandfather Henry Wingate, class of 1887, aunt Dorothy Mareck, ’23, mother, Ardis Swenson Wingate ’28, and uncles John Wingate ’21 and Arthur Wingate ’31. His survivors include his wife, Anne Wingate ’64.

MICHAEL COLLINS ’66, Mounds View, Minn., died June 6, 2023. His survivors include his wife, Melinda Mason Collins ’66, and son John Collins ’89.

ROBERT GEYER ’67, Arlington, Va., died August 8, 2023. His survivors include his husband, En-Tien Yu.

ROBERT LANGE ’67, Madison, Wis., died June 27, 2023. He was preceded in death by his sister Sue Lewis ’64. His survivors include his wife, Mary Tatge, and niece Sarah Lewis ’90.

D. MICHAEL FITZHUGH ’68, Alexandria, Va., died July 16, 2023.

SUSAN RICE HARTLEY ’68, Duluth, Minn., died August 24, 2023. Her survivors include her husband, Alan Hartley ’69, and son Andrew Hartley ’02.

ROXANN METZ ’68, Minneapolis, died July 30, 2023. Her survivors include her brother Bob Metz ’59.

CECIL TICKAMYER ’68, State College, Pa., died July 21, 2023. His survivors include his wife, Ann Tickamyer ’70.

RICHARD KOSCIELAK ’69, Cincinnati, Ohio, died September 29, 2022. He was preceded in death by his wife, Martina.

THOMAS TARBOX ’69, Maple Lake, Minn., died August 6, 2023. He was preceded in death by his mother, Katharine Meier Tarbox ’35, and aunt, Helen Meier Marsh ’37. His survivors include his wife, Krista.

TIMOTHY THORNTON ’71, Saint Paul, died August 23, 2023. His survivors include his wife, Alice Thornton ’70, and brother-in-law, Mansco Perry III ’74.

PAUL WYSE ’71, Minneapolis, died January 25, 2023. His survivors include his wife, Alison, and son Elliot Wyse ’08.

DAVID ORR ’72, Blaine, Wash., died in 2022. His survivors include his wife, Susie.

TERRY GILLOGLY ’73, Orchard Park, N.Y., died August 18, 2023.

JENNIFER GAYE LEVITT MD ’78, Encino, Calif., died January 25, 2023.

DANIEL RICHARDSON ’78, Red Wing, Minn. died June 5, 2023.

ROBERT KOPF, JR. ’84, Saint Paul, died September 5, 2023.

FAYE LUFKIN LITE ’84, Sweet Home, Ore., died September 23, 2021. She was preceded in death by her grandfather N.H. Lufkin ’23. Her survivors include her husband, Randy, aunt Jeanne Lufkin ’56, uncle Murray Lufkin ’56, brother Kirk Lufkin ’82, and cousins Nancy McCreary ’82, Gregory Lufkin ’83, and Douglas Lufkin ’84.

SUKI LARSON ’93, United Kingdom, died July 31, 2023. She was preceded in death by her uncle Robert Larson ’56, father John Larson ’60, and aunt Emily Larson ’65. Her survivors include her husband, Giles McLoughlin, mother Linda Larson ’62, cousins Christopher Larson ’89 and Amy Lynn Larson ’93, and brother J. Roderick Larson ’92.

IAN OTT ’93, Shafter, Calif., died August 24, 2023.

Staff & Faculty Farewells

Jackson Bryce, Saint Paul, died December 12, 2022. Hired to teach classics in 1972, he retired in 2012 as the Marjorie Crabb Garbisch Professor of Classical Languages and the Liberal Arts, emeritus. He was also a senior lecturer in bassoon and chamber music. An immensely learned and creative teacher, he was a gracious, welcoming, and kind colleague who could be counted on to offer a friendly word, erudite discussions of grammar, and witty anecdotes.

Charles “Chuck” Carlin, Northfield, died January 2, 2023. Hired in 1966 as a chemistry instructor, he retired in 2004 as the Charles “Jim” & Marjorie Kade Professor of the Sciences, emeritus. He is remembered fondly by colleagues and alumni as a wise, funny, kind, generous, and irreverent teacher dedicated to his students’ learning. His pithy humor and colorful phrases kept organic chemistry students engaged and departmental meetings lively.

Charles E. Crutchfield III ’82 P ’26, Minneapolis, died June 21, 2023. A nationally renowned medical professional and Carleton’s Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor of Biology, Charles began his studies as a biology major at Carleton where he was also a resident assistant, Carleton Student Association Senator, and KRLX DJ. Many Carleton pre-med students will remember Dr. Crutchfield from his 5-week spring term course, Human Cutaneous Biology, which he taught each of the past 20 years. In 2022, he received a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Carleton Alumni Association.

Shirley Dulski, Northfield, died January 29, 2023. Shirley worked in Carleton’s Business Office from 1991 to 2009 as an accounts payable specialist. For many faculty, staff, and students, she was the go-to person in the Business Office, helping to meet deadlines and get timely payments made. She was dedicated to her work and had many student workers who were devoted to her. She is described as a loyal and good friend to those who knew her.

Marilyn Fintel, Northfield, died January 25, 2023. Marilyn worked in the Carleton Library for 29 years, beginning as an assistant in circulation in 1976 and retiring as the library associate in Government Documents in 2005. She took her role in processing government documents and making them accessible to the public very seriously and built a large and loyal group of student workers to help in this effort.

Dale Haworth, Santa Fe, N.M., died on May 14, 2023. Dale taught art history at Carleton from 1960 to 1996. He also served as the director of international studies (1970–71) and director of exhibitions and curator of the Carleton Art Collection (1980–86); he was also chair of the Asian studies, art, and art history departments. Whether in the classroom or on Off-Campus Study or alumni trips, Dale’s enthusiasm for art and architecture was infectious. His energy, kindness, knowledge, and dedication to teaching and his students made him a respected and welcoming colleague, mentor, and friend to many.

Gary Iseminger, Northfield, died December 11, 2022. Gary taught Philosophy at Carleton for 42 years, beginning in 1962 as an instructor and retiring in 2004 as the Stephen R. Lewis Jr. Professor of Philosophy & Liberal Learning, emeritus. Gary was well-known for helping students grapple deeply with complex philosophical issues, inspiring them in the philosophy of art, aesthetics, music, logic, law, medical ethics, epistemology, and the history of philosophy.

Mary Jane Johnson, Calumet, Mich., died March 3, 2023. From 1976 to 1988, she was a secretary in the offices of both the dean of the college and the president. She then became the secretary to the president until her retirement in 1997. During her 21 years at Carleton, she served with three academic deans and three presidents. Mary Jane’s colleagues described her as a hard worker, a caring person, and a loyal friend with unfailing warmth and good humor.

Mary Nelson, Northfield, died on April 6, 2023. Mary began work at Carleton in 1978 as an administrative assistant in Buildings and Shop, then worked in admissions before retiring in 2004 from financial aid. But retirement wasn’t for Mary, and she returned in 2006 as the assistant to the director of the Modern Language Center, retiring a second time in 2018. Former colleagues describe Mary as caring, strong, well-informed, and energetic. Her big heart held a large place for students, who cared for and greatly respected her.

Ann Ness, Northfield, died June 30, 2023. Ann worked at Carleton for 25 years, beginning as a secretary in college relations in 1982. She became the interim director of career planning in 1985; the permanent director in 1986; and then the associate director of the career center from 1989 to 2007. Ann cared deeply about every student, colleague, and alum with whom she worked, offering her encyclopedic knowledge and support to all.

Bonita “Bonnie” Pangburn, Northfield, died February 22, 2023. Bonnie began work at Carleton as an assistant retail manager for Bon Appetit in August 2021 and went on medical leave in June 2022. Bonnie is described as funny, sassy, hardworking, and deeply caring about others. Her employees at Carleton and other Northfield locations knew they were there to work—and that she was there for them.

Robert (Bob) Reitz, Northfield, died March 22, 2023. Bob taught physics at Carleton for 36 years, beginning as an assistant professor in 1954 and retiring in 1990 as professor of physics, emeritus. Former colleagues describe him as the “glue that held our department together.” Daily coffee sessions in his office were a time to share the challenges and successes of teaching, and Bob was a constant source of encouragement. He gave his students the same gifts of warmth, kindness, and dedication to their learning.

Melinda Russell, Minneapolis, died February 22, 2023. A member of the Carleton faculty since 1993, was a professor of music and the M.A. and A.D. Hulings Professor of American Studies, teaching courses including “Ethnomusicology and World Music,” “Introduction to American Studies,” and “Music and Social Movements.” Many of her courses, such as “Music of Africa,” “American Folk Music Revival,” and “Music of South Asia,” combined academic work with hands-on musical performance. She also taught karimba and kalimba to many students.

Robert “Bob” Will ’50, Northfield, died on June 25, 2023. Bob taught Economics at Carleton from 1957 until his retirement in 1993 as the Raymond Plank Professor of Incentive Economics, emeritus. He also served as an Assistant Dean of the College (1967–68), Director of International Studies (1968–70), and held the Wadsworth A. Williams Professor of Economics chair (1974–82). Many have described Bob as the quintessential Carleton alum and professor: a gifted and enthusiastic teacher, a knowledgeable scholar, an engaged college citizen, and a gracious mentor to his colleagues and students.

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