Archery at Carleton

5 August 2013

target.jpgWhat: Western Archery Club

Who: 18 archers

When: Sunday afternoons

Where: Hill of Three Oaks

Why: Get outside, improve archery skills

How far: 25 paces from your target

Biggest challenge: Wind

Ancillary activity: Hunting for missing arrows

Pet peeve: “The glamorized portrayal of archers in movies like the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hunger Games is ridiculous,” says Edward Malnar ’15 (LaFox, Ill.). “Those archers are impossibly good! Shooting accurately takes a lot of discipline and training. I think Braveheart gives a better depiction of the challenge of shooting and how even a large force of archers has to rely on a little luck.”

Good preparation for a zombie apocalypse: “If there’s a mob, chances are we’d hit one zombie,” says Brianna Quincy ’16 (Menlo Park, Calif.). “But we wouldn’t want to go up against too many of them.”

—Ben Strauss ’16 (Princeton, N.J.)

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