Composite image of a series of twisted American flags photographed by Amadeo Lasansky
Logo: Carleton College Voice, Spring 2024
Composite image of a series of twisted American flags photographed by Amadeo Lasansky
Logo: Carleton College Voice, Spring 2024
Jonathan Capehart on the air at KRLX

Mediating Democracy

With trust in the media and government at an all-time low, how are journalists covering a historic election? Jonathan Capehart ’07, Danielle Kurtzleben ’05, and others weigh in.

a golden sun rising or setting on a mahogany chair back

A Flag in Flux

In the introduction to this issue’s politics special section, we consider a question raised by Benjamin Franklin 237 years ago: is the sun rising or setting on American democracy?

Illustration of a collage of conspiracy theory images

Deciphering Deception

There’s a bogeyman hovering over the election: the threat of erroneous information about the issues, candidates, and processes involved. Here’s how to protect yourself.

taxidermied antelope

Christina Seely ’98

“My vote is to protect the value of all life.” Reinventing the get-out-the-vote poster, the Cambridge-based artist urges us to look our non-human kin in the eyes.

Detail of a poster by Erica Lord

Erica Lord ’00

Rethinking the voter-engagement poster, the Santa Fe–based artist puts an Indigenous woman in place of Betsy Ross in Norman Rockwell’s Mending the Flag.

Detail of a poster by Ethan Murrow

Ethan Murrow ’98

How do we stay optimistic amidst turbulence, division, and uncertainty? In his reimagined get-out-the-vote poster, the Boston-based artist chooses hope.

Detail of a poster by Mildred Beltre

Mildred Beltré ’91

In her voting poster, the Brooklyn-based artist uses an image of an azabache protective charm as a way of imagining new political possibilities.

close up of hands throwing a bowl on a pottery wheel

Rigorous Generosity

For Empty Bowls, Carleton ceramicists have for 20 years fused artistic excellence and community engagement, raising $160,000 for a Northfield food shelf along the way.

mountain landscape in the desert

Charting the Course

As he retires as founding president of San Carlos Apache College, Martín Ahumada ’77 reflects on language, leadership, and Indigenous higher education.

Headshots of four Carleton students

Common Time

In our new series of Carl-on-the-streets interviews, we partnered with CarlsVote to ask students: What does civic engagement mean to you, and how do you practice it?

Bald Spot: News from Around & Beyond Campus

Cropped detail of a 1946 poster by artist Ben Shahn

Practicing Democracy
Three Ben Shahn posters from 1946 are on loan to St. Olaf College as part of an exhibition on the power of art in fostering civic engagement.

vintage photos of two people painting graffiti on brick walls

The Many Lives of Sayles-Hill
The reopening of the newly renovated Sayles Café prompts a look back at the evolution of a space at the very heart of the Carleton experience.

Ambassador Shigeo Yamada ’89

A Life of Diplomacy
Japan’s new ambassador to the U.S., Shigeo Yamada ’89 has been busy building Japan-U.S. relations, participating in policy meetings, film screenings, and state visits.

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Class Notes

Al Johnson ’65 and Dan Jepsen ’66

Spring ’24 Class Notes
See the latest news from your classmates.