The Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal that promotes undergraduate research in the humanities and social sciences. Our goal is to present papers that bring to light new narratives and fresh points of view. Highlighting work that challenges dominant perspectives, the UJHS serves as a forum for contributors and readers to reconsider their position within the context of their society. In the spirit of the liberal arts, the UJHS is a multidisciplinary journal that accepts submissions from a broad range of subjects, demonstrating how student research can contribute to a variety of fields.

The benefits of participating in an undergraduate research experience are four-fold:

  1. Provides students the opportunity to undergo the research process from start to finish
  2. Showcases accomplished academic work
  3. Connects students and their work with individuals at other institutions
  4. Provides students with access to more interdisciplinary opportunities, including the Digital Humanities program and other academic specialists

The UJHS is a collaborative initiative that encourages students from diverse academic communities to share and discuss their written work.