Welcome to Carleton College’s Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies.

Our Spring 2020 issue is now available for viewing. Feel free to check out articles from our latest and past issues below. Those interested in submitting a paper should consult our submission guidelines.

Spring 2020

We are pleased to present the ninth issue of Carleton’s Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies. In keeping with the mission of the Journal, the scholarship presented in this issue innovate in interdisciplinary and methodological approaches in the fields of environmental studies, media studies, Black studies, musicology, history, and sociology. We are excited to be able to play a small role in engaging with and helping to highlight excellent work in the humanities and social sciences by undergraduate thinkers.

This Spring 2020 issue also continues the Journal’s efforts to expand our scope and purpose. Over the past three years, we have worked to broaden our reach beyond Carleton and beyond St. Olaf farther afield, opening submissions year-round to liberal arts colleges and research universities across the United States. For this issue, we have selected three exceptional papers for publication, including work of students from Carleton and Williams College.

This spring, with the coming of the Covid-19 pandemic, presented many challenges to the editorial process. This issue was assembled, designed, and published online, entirely by remote communication and collaboration. The successful completion of this issue would not have been possible without the technical expertise of Luna Yee and the Digital Humanities program at Carleton College, the determined work of our editorial board, and the support of our faculty advisors. But most importantly, we owe many, many thanks to our peer-reviewers. Despite having their own commitments and responsibilities, many Carleton students facilitated the selection and refinement of the unique work you will find here.

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