The Carleton Board of Trustees met in Northfield for its Fall Term meeting on October 27-29, 2022.  The following is a brief summary of major topics discussed and actions taken during their meeting:

1. The Board approved plans for Phase I of the Student Life and Housing Plan, which includes the construction of new beds near the Recreations Center at the former Lilac Hill and at the north end of the Union Street site near the existing townhouses. The Union Street units will focus on housing for cultural programs, a multicultural community space, and a Black center.

2. The Board approved new and changed faculty leaves of absence for 2022-25.

3. The Board approved the request for 17 mid-year B.A. degrees, effective November 21, 2022, pending successful completion of their remaining requirements for graduation.

4. The Board approved the audited financial statements for the year ending June 30 2022, as well as the Carleton College Defined Contribution Retirement Plan audited financial statement and IRS 5500 for the year ending December 31, 2021. Also approved was the engagement of CliftonLarsonAllen for comprehensive audit and tax services for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023.

5. The Board approved membership into Founders Court to one donor, an honor recognizing extraordinary generosity to the College, based on cumulative irrevocable gifts totaling or exceeding $5 million.

6. The Board approved updates to the Board Bylaws and to the Carleton Responsible Investing Committee charter.

7. The Board approved the following faculty promotions:

  • From Professor to Professor Emeritus:  Fred Hagstrom (Art and Art History), Beverly Nagel (Sociology and Anthropology), and Kimberly K. Smith (Environmental Studies and Political Science)
  • From Professor to Endowed Chair: Jennifer Ross Wolff, Humphrey Doermann Professor or Liberal Learning

8. The Board approved one Honorary Degree, to be awarded in June, 2023.

9. The Board approved a line of credit for the endowment portfolio.

10. President Byerly gave trustees an update on the Chief Diversity Officer search and Professor Michael Hemesath gave an overview of the Financial Aid Working Group. Dean of Students Carolyn Livingston gave a brief update on Covid-19 as it relates to campus operations. Trustees were introduced to new Provost Michelle Mattson and to new Associate Vice President for Communications, Helen Clarke.

11. Kelsey Deshler gave an update on the College’s endowment.

12. Student Life Committee members listened to the concerns of Divest Carleton students.

13. Trustees joined friends and family of Michael and Mary Ann Hasenstab and Roy and Mary Lewis Grow, along with the Political Science and International Relations Department, to dedicate the newly renovated Hasenstab Hall.

14. Trustees honored three William Carleton Medal award recipients at a special dinner.