The Carleton Board of Trustees met for its Winter Term meeting on February 10-12, 2022.  The following is a brief summary of major topics discussed and actions taken during their meeting:

  1. The Board approved new faculty leaves of absence for 2021-23, as well as changes to leaves already approved for this time period.
  2. The Board approved the request for mid-year B.A. degrees, pending successful completion of their remaining requirements for graduation.
  3. The Board approved tenure and promotion of Wes Markofski (Sociology and Anthropology) to Associate Professor. The Board also approved the promotion of Martha-Elizabeth Baylor Reed (Physics and Astronomy), Anita Chikkatur (Educational Studies), Daniel Groll (Philosophy), Baird Eustis Jarman (Art and Art History), Raka M. Mitra (Biology), Yansi Y. Perez (Spanish), Jennifer M. Ross-Wolff (Biology), and Lawrence J. Wichlinski (Psychology) to Full Professor, all effective September 1, 2022.
  4. The Board approved the acceptance of the Single Audit – Schedule of Federal Awards for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021.
  5. The Board approved the acceptance of IRS forms 990 and 990-T for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021.
  6. The Board approved the comprehensive fee and operating budget for Fiscal Year 20221-23.
  7. The Board approved the acceptance of Memorial Resolution for Trustee Emeritus George Kenneth Baum ’52.
  8. The Board received an overview of the current enrollment landscape and financial aid impacts from Professor of Social Sciences and Economics, Nathan Grawe; Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Art Rodriguez; and President Alison Byerly.
  9. The Board plenary session included an update from President Byerly and her executive team on the academic, operational, and financial impacts of COVID-19 to date, and early planning for Spring Term.
  10. Trustees received an update on inclusion, diversity, and equity planning from the IDE Strategic Planning Steering Group Co-Chairs, Jeninne McGee and Chico Zimmerman, and discussed the February 1 draft of the IDE Strategic Plan.  
  11. Trustees were able to interact with students involved in the development of the Imagined Futures, Forgotten Pasts  exhibit which will open on April 1, and were regaled with a performance by both The Singing Knights and The Knightingales acapella groups.
  12. Trustees and faculty enjoyed the opportunity to connect through faculty-hosted dinners, both on campus and off.