The Carleton Board of Trustees met in Northfield for its Fall Term meeting on October 28-30, 2021.  The following is a brief summary of major topics discussed and actions taken during their meeting:

  1. The Board approved new faculty leaves of absence for 2021-24, as well as changes to leaves already approved for 2021-2022.
  2. The Board approved the request for 17 mid-year B.A. degrees, effective November 24, 2021, pending successful completion of their remaining requirements for graduation.
  3. The Board approved the audited financial statements for the year ending June 30 2021, as well as the Carleton College Defined Contribution Retirement Plan audited financial statement and IRS 5500 for the year ending December 31, 2020.
  4. The Board approved the awarding of a William Carleton Medal.
  5. Trustees received an overview of the Plan for Strengthening Student Residential Communities from Dean Carolyn Livingston and Director of Facilities and Capital Planning Steve Spehn, and approved the Plan for Strengthening Student Residential Communities.
  6. Trustees also received an overview of the Core Administrative Software and Project Funding Plan from Chief Technology Officer Janet Scannell, Vice President and Treasurer Eric Runestad, Director of Budgeting and Financial Analysis Jane Rizzo, and Dean Gretchen Hofmeister. The Board approved the SEAMS administrative software project and funding plan.
  7. The Board approved a memorial resolution for Trustee Emeritus Henry Porter P85.
  8. The Board plenary session included an update from President Byerly and her executive team on the pandemic and its financial impacts, the pilot staff flexwork program, and current graduation rate data.
  9. Chief Investment Officer Kelsey Deshler gave an overview of the College’s endowment.
  10. Trustees joined members of Evelyn M. Anderson’s family to dedicate the newly completed Science Complex, and celebrated the successful Every Carl for Carleton campaign with staff and donors.
  11. Trustees enjoyed the opportunity to meet with and listen to students at a special breakfast.
  12. Trustees were able to honor new Founder’s Court inductees with a stone unveiling in front of the library.