February 3-6

The Carleton Board of Trustees met virtually via Zoom for its Winter Term meeting on February 3-6, 2021.  The following is a brief summary of major topics discussed and actions taken during their meeting:

  1. The Board approved new faculty leaves of absence for 2021-22, as well as changes to leaves already approved for 2020-2021.
  2. The Board approved the request for mid-year B.A. degrees, pending successful completion of their remaining requirements for graduation.
  3. The Board approved tenure and promotion to Associate Professor for two faculty members: Layla Oesper (Computer Science) and Jay Tasson (Physics and Astronomy).
  4. The Board approved two changes to the Faculty Bylaws and handbook, one reconstituting the Committee on Student Life; and one allowing proposals to hire with tenure.
  5. The Board approved the acceptance of IRS forms 990 and 990-T for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020.
  6. The Board approved the comprehensive fee and operating budget for Fiscal Year 2021-22.
  7. The Board approved the renovation of Old Music Hall and renaming it Hasenstab Hall in recognition of Michael ’95 and Mary Ann Hasenstab, whose gift is funding this project.
  8. The Board received an overview of the Core Administrative Software Planning Process from Chief Technology Officer Janet Scannell.
  9. The Board plenary session included an update from President Poskanzer and his executive team on the academic, operational, and financial impacts of COVID-19 to date, and early planning for Spring Term.
  10. Vice President and Treasurer Eric Runestad gave his initial impressions on the College’s finances and operations.
  11. Trustees received an update on inclusion, diversity, and equity planning from the IDE Strategic Planning Steering Group Co-Chairs, Jeninne McGee and Chico Zimmerman, and on antiracism training from Project Manager Kathy Evertz.
  12. Trustees received a campaign update from Campaign Chair Cathy Paglia.
  13. Trustees enjoyed the opportunity to connect with junior faculty during a virtual coffee hour, and to explored the newly renovated Science Complex through virtual tours given by Science Complex staff.