Carleton Board of Trustees Meeting
May 2018 Summary

The Carleton Board of Trustees met on campus from May 10-12, 2018.  The following is a brief summary of actions taken and major topics discussed during their meeting:

1.  The Board approved the request for faculty leaves of absence for 2018-19.

2.  The Board approved the request for mid-year B.A. degrees for students who have completed the requirements for graduation.  The Board also approved the request for spring term B.A. degrees, pending successful completion of their remaining requirements.

3.  While tenure and promotion is generally addressed at the Board’s February meeting, the Trustees approved tenure and promotion to Associate Professor for one faculty member whose consideration was adjusted by one term:  Amna Khalid.

4.   The Board approved the following faculty promotions:

  • From Professor to Professor Emeritus:
    Lawrence Burnett, Nelson Christensen, Cynthia Luck Shearer          
  • From Associate Professor to Full Professor:
    Luciano Battaglini, Robert Carlson, Kelly Connole, Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Adriana Estill, Sarah Titus
  • From Assistant Professor to Associate Professor:
    Cassie Kosiba

5.  The Board approved awarding an honorary degree to one candidate.

6.  The Board approved membership into Founders Court, an honor in recognition of extraordinary generosity to the College, to one donor whose cumulative irrevocable gifts to the College total or exceeds $5 million.

7.  Trustees elected three new trustees (Karl Kwok ’71, Trace McCreary ’89, and Lise Revers ’85), one new alumni trustee (Lia Gore ’87), and one new young alumni trustee (Lila Conlee ’15), each for a four-year term beginning July 1, 2018.  The Board also elected two current trustees, Carol Barnett ’86 and Michael Hasenstab ’95, to a second four-year term.  Additionally, the Board elected five former trustees to the role of Trustee Emeritus.

8.  The Enrollment & Admissions and Finance & Planning Committees held a special joint meeting to launch ongoing discussions about some of the challenges the College faces in ensuring that Carleton’s pricing and financial aid strategies allow us to recruit the diverse student body we seek, particularly as we create longer-term financial aid budgets.

9.  The Board participated in a conversation with Rachel Leatham, Program Director for Internships and Experiential Learning, regarding the work of the Career Center since the launch of the Strategic Plan in 2012, and with Al Montero, Director of Advising and Faculty Diversity Recruitment, regarding the progression of academic advising over the past five years.