1/11/2023 With Northfield Schools being closed, a reminder that the shuttles, both ‘Carls-Go and Oles-Go’ will NOT be running today. 

Carls-Go! provides transportation for students to reach Northfield Public Schools, St. Olaf, Northfield Hospital, and Alina Clinic during the term.

Changes for the 2022-2023 academic year: Rides must be scheduled by calling 507-301-1234. Riders must schedule ride a minimum of 1 hour in advance.

Service starts Fall Term 2022, Monday, Sept 19th.

  • Carls-Go! is a van service for students to reach volunteer and medical locations during the term. Stops include:
    • Route destinations include and limited to:
      • Spring Creek Elementary
      • Bridgewater Elementary
      • Northfield Middle School
      • Northfield High School
      • Greenvale Park Elementary
      • Northfield Hospital and Clinic
      • St. Olaf College
      • Alina Clinic
  • Pickup location at Carleton: the shuttle parking space in the Davis parking lot outside Stimson House.
  • Timetable: Monday – Friday, 8:40a – 5:10p
    • Please be aware the times listed are intended departure times and may vary depending on weather and traffic conditions.
  • Service is Monday-Friday during the Academic Term:
    • Fall Term: Mon, 9/19/2022 – Wed, 11/16/2022
    • Winter Term: Wed, 1/4/2023 – Fri, 3/3/2023
    • Spring Term: Mon, 3/27/2023 – Fri, 5/26/2023
  • When Northfield Public Schools are closed (see dates below) Carls-Go! will only have service to Alina Clinic and the Northfield Hospital and Clinic.
  • Dates when Northfield Public Schools are closed for the 2022-2023 school year include the following plus any weather days
    • 10/20/2022 – 10/21/2022 (MEA Break)
    • 1/4/2023 1/7/2023 (Northfield Public Schools, Teacher Preparation Day)
    • 1/16/2023 (MLK Jr. Day)
    • 2/20/2023 (Northfield Public School, Staff Development Day)
    • 3/27/2023-3/31/2023 (Northfield Public Schools, Spring Break)
    • 4/3/2022-4/4/2023 (Northfield Public Schools, Teacher Preparation Day)
    • 5/29/2023 (Memorial Day)
  • Carls-Go! does not run during Winter, Spring and Summer Break.