May 19, 2022: SEAMS Update: Hub Changes

18 May 2022

As we continue to make progress on our multi-year SEAMS project–moving our administrative software from Colleague to Workday–we’d like to note some changes approaching to some frequently used features on The Hub. As a result of vendor support for The Hub ending on July 1, we will be moving to an “interim solution.” Nearly a dozen Hub links will stay in the unsupported software, for up to two years, because the alternative solutions would be inconvenient or force a policy change. The list of features that will be affected follow.

The following features will move to the “New Hub” as they become available and fully tested. These dates will be announced on the SEAMS website and communicated directly to affected community members. As the changes are made, the current Hub links will be updated to send you to the new destination automatically.

Moving to the “New Hub”

  • ENROLL Course Search and Registration
  • Bi-Weekly Payroll time entry
  • Final Grading
  • My Course Schedule
  • Waitlist and Course Rosters

Staying on the “Old Hub”

The following features will stay on the “Old Hub” until these features are available in Workday. If we encounter usability issues over the next two years, we will shift to an already developed Plan B . The Plan B options will be documented on the SEAMS website by July 1, 2022.

  • Hub Budget Reports
  • Student Bank Account
  • Historical Grades
  • Grade Summary reports
  • Advising confirmation
  • Current advisors
  • Am I Registration Ready
  • D or F form
  • Declare a Major
  • Batch Transcripts & Progress Toward Degree