March 31, 2022: Prescribed Burns Planned for the Arb This Spring

21 March 2022

Beginning in early April and through the middle of May, land management fires called “prescribed burns” will be taking place in the Arboretum.

Set only under specific weather conditions, fire is used to maintain and rejuvenate the native vegetation. Arboretum staff obtain the needed permits from the Northfield Fire Department and notify Security Services and others on campus each day prescribed burns might take place.

During fire operations, you may be asked to avoid trails where smoke is dense or we are working with equipment. While it is natural to want to observe the excitement, please be aware that we are busy doing our work and people near the fire are one more issue for us to manage while keeping the fire safely under control. Staying at a distance is safer for all involved and much appreciated.

If you have questions or concerns, please be in touch with Arboretum Director Nancy Braker.

Person dressed in yellow safety suit uses a tool to ignite a prescribed burn in the Arboretum. A line of smoke and small fire arcs across the image foreground.