March 10, 2022: Important Staff Surveys on the Horizon

8 March 2022

Carleton will be conducting two staff surveys in the upcoming weeks: the Carleton Staff Experience Survey and the National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climate (NACCC).

Carleton Staff Experience Survey

The Carleton Staff Experience Survey will launch next week. This collaboration between Human Resources, Institutional Research and Assessment, and Tuesday Group was designed to gauge the work environment for staff, and use results to inform decisions. Flexwork, the addition of inclement weather days, and the updated vacation accrual policy represent some of the noteworthy results-informed decisions after the 2019 survey.

National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climate

Later in Spring term, Carleton will conduct the National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climate (NACCC) in partnership with the Liberal Arts Colleges Racial Equity Leadership Alliance (LACRELA). Carleton is a founding member of LACRELA, which is comprised of nearly 70 schools, aimed to better address the unique racial challenges and circumstances that liberal arts colleges face. Each year, all LACRELA colleges will participate in the NACCC survey, allowing students (2021), staff (2022), and faculty (2023) to provide input on the state of inclusion, diversity, and equity (IDE) efforts and offer recommendations for improving campus climate.

Carleton’s commitment to monitoring the experiences of our community members is a key component of ongoing IDE efforts and assessing social change effectively. Measurement, in addition to campus and community education, is critical to achieving IDE goals at Carleton.

The NACCC survey contains six content areas essential to understanding the racial climate on campus:

  1. Workplace mattering
  2. Racial learning and literacy
  3. Encounters with racial stress
  4. Workplace equity
  5. Appraisals of institutional commitment to inclusion and diversity
  6. Impact of external environments

Please contact Todd Jamison if you have questions about these staff surveys.