CEDI to focus on community building, sharing IDE Plan progress, creating coalitions

12 December 2023

During fall term and winter break, CEDI (Community, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) has been reviewing its role and considering a new approach in order to support the work of Vice President for Inclusion, Equity, and Community (VPIEC) Dina Zavala. This work has highlighted the importance of thinking of Carleton as an ecosystem where IDE work is embedded in many different parts of the community, with the interconnections being more or less visible in different contexts.

In both reflecting on where CEDI has been and looking ahead to its future within the context of the new Division of Inclusion, Equity, and Community, the group’s 2023–24 charge has been developed with three components:

  1. Community building. CEDI will identify and work to support current groups on campus that promote diversity and equity. CEDI will promote collaboration and cooperation across siloed efforts and across student, faculty, and staff groups. (IDE Plan Objective 4.2.1) 
  2. Communicating progress toward implementing the IDE plan. CEDI will support the VPIEC in developing a strategy to convey progress toward the goals in each of the five outcome areas of the IDE plan, with particular attention to how to differentiate messaging for different constituencies on campus. (IDE Plan Objectives 1.3.3 and 5.3.1).
  3. Creating coalitions and building capacity. CEDI will support the VPIEC in identifying and activating individuals and groups that have similar IDE interests and advise on the coordination of activities and professional development toward a common set of goals. The responses from last year’s departmental reports and work unit conversations will inform this work. (IDE Plan Objective 5.2)

As CEDI works to meet its charge this year, the group will highlight opportunities for continuing professional development and evaluate its composition and structure with a focus on ensuring all constituencies have channels for contributing their perspectives to CEDI’s efforts (IDE Plan Objective 1.1.3). By the end of the 2023–24 academic year, CEDI will report to College Council about desired changes to its structure going forward.

CEDI Co-chairs Dina Zavala, vice president for inclusion, equity, and community; and Melissa Eblen-Zayas, professor of physics