August 24, 2023: Strategic Planning Update

24 August 2023
President Alison Byerly

Over the course of the summer, the Carleton 2033 Coordinating Committee has been hard at work developing a draft strategic plan. In June, the three task forces appointed last year—Building a Community of Belonging, Advancing the Liberal Arts, and Expanding Carleton’s Reach—submitted their reports to the Coordinating Committee. The recommendations contained in their reports, and in the report of the Financial Aid Working Group, have been considered and synthesized into a draft document. We expect to be ready to share the draft strategic plan with the community on Aug. 28. 

You may have noticed that I used the word “draft” three times in the above paragraph. The document you will see next week is still very much a work in progress that we will continue to revise over the course of the next 6–8 weeks. We will be holding open meetings, meetings with specific governance groups, tabling sessions, virtual sessions, and providing opportunities for online feedback as we gather input from across the Carleton community. More information about these opportunities will be forthcoming.

At this week’s quarterly meeting for staff, I noted that last year’s planning discussions produced many valuable suggestions, not all of which appear in the current draft plan. Some suggestions identified operational best practices that we can, and will, implement without needing to make them part of a strategic plan. Others fell outside the scope of the major priorities we have chosen to emphasize, and so are not included here, but may be considered in other venues.

We expect that the specific recommendations included will inspire discussion, debate, and perhaps additional ideas about advancing the strategic priorities identified in the plan. We hope that you will find that the plan’s overall goals and vision reflect the major themes that emerged in our community discussions over the past year. We look forward to the assistance of the entire community in shaping the final plan this fall.