Chair: Associate Professor Judith Howard

Can I Major in it?

A regular major is offered in Theater Arts. Advanced students may apply for a special major in Dance. A Dance minor and Theater minor are also offered.

Topics Explored

Theater: acting, voice, movement, dramatic literature, history and theory, design and technical theater, directing, playwriting, and the chance to produce, write, design, direct, stage manage and perform.

Dance: ballet, modern, West African dance, contact improv, choreography, dance history and theory, moving anatomy.

How to Get Started

There are many courses open to first-year students! Check out this list of introductory courses open to first-year students.

Introductory Theater courses:

  • THEA100 (topics vary from year to year)
  • THEA110 (Beginning Acting)
  • THEA115 (Introduction to Design and Technical Theater)
  • THEA185 (The Speaking Voice)
  • THEA190 (Carleton Players Production)
  • THEA 225 (Theater History and Theory)
  • THEA239 (Topics in Costume)
  • THEA240 (Directing)
  • THEA242 (Modern American Drama)
  • THEA246 (Playwriting)

Introductory Dance courses

  • DANC107 (Ballet I)
  • DANC115 (Cultures of Dance)
  • DANC147 (Moving Anatomy)
  • DANC148 (Modern Dance I: Theory and Technique)
  • DANC150 (Contact Improvisation)
  • DANC190 (Fields of Performance)
  • DANC200 (Modern Dance II: Theory and Technique)
  • DANC204 (Fall Dance), DANC205 (Winter Dance)
  • DANC208 (Ballet II)
  • DANC215 (Winter Dance Student Choreography)
  • DANC 266 (Reading the Dancing Body)
  • DANC268 (The Body as Choreographer)