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Minor Program Coordinator: Judith Howard

The Minor in Dance is for the student who is interested in continuing and deepening their focus on dance. It can provide an opportunity for cross disciplinary work and connecting dance studies with another major. Acceptance to the program is based on personal interviews with the program director.

The minor has three components and requires 36 credits for completion:

Movement Practice and Performance: A minimum of 12 credits

  • It is recommended that at least one movement practice class be taken per term. Additional movement practice classes offered at Carleton or through OCS may qualify with permission from the program director.

At least one credit of each of the following:

  • DANC 205 Winter Dance (1 credit)
  • DANC 206 Spring Dance (1 credit)
  • DANC 215 Winter Dance, Student Choreography (1 credit)

With at least nine additional credits from:

Choreography: a minimum of 12 credits

  • DANC 190: Fields of Performance
  • DANC 268: The Body as Choreographer · not offered in 2023-24
  • DANC 295: Dance Lab
  • THEA 260: Space, Time, Body, Minds · not offered in 2023-24

History, Theory, and Literature: a minimum of 6 credits

  • DANC 115: Cultures of Dance · not offered in 2023-24
  • DANC 254: Jazz Dance: Roots and Grooves
  • DANC 265: Performing the Orient · not offered in 2023-24
  • DANC 266: Reading The Dancing Body · not offered in 2023-24

Required Elective: a minimum of 6 additional credits in any of the three categories:

  • Movement Practice and Performance
  • Choreography
  • History, Theory, and Literature