The Carleton phone system uses digital technology called Voice over IP (VoIP) to place calls using a network connection. You can choose to have a physical desktop phone or a softphone application on your computer, laptop or iPad.


Available phone options:

Grandstream 2135 desk phone which offers multiple lines (up to 8), large display screen and a speakerphone.

Cisco desk phone is a VoIP phone that is used by a few people on campus. All Cisco phones will be replaced by either a Grandstream desk phone or softphone by 6/30/2020.

Zulu softphone is a software application for your computer which allows you to make and receive calls. We will provide you with a headset with a microphone to use.
Several departments have asked whether there is a way to place a call from home without exposing your personal phone number. That can be done by using the Zulu softphone application. If you are interested in using the Zulu softphone application while working from home, please contact the Helpdesk to make this request or call x5999.