General Troubleshooting and FAQ’s

  • I cannot make a call to someone outside of campus
    You now have to dial an 8 instead of a 9 to place an outside call
  • When I dial an outside number, I get the message “all circuits are busy”
    This happens sometimes if you have dialed the number incorrectly. For example, not dialing an 8 for an outside line or not dialing a 1 for long distance. Note: there are some 507 area codes that require a 1 for long distance.
  • I forwarded my calls to another number but it is not working
    Did you use an 8 for an outside line (if the number is off campus) or a 1 for long distance. Many times that is the problem.
  • My desk phone suddenly has stopped working
    Try restarting your phone by unplugging your phone, wait 10 seconds and plug your phone back in.
  • We temporarily lost internet or power and now my desk phone is not working
    Try restarting your phone by unplugging your phone, wait 10 seconds and plug your phone back in.
  • Our internet is down and I cannot use my desk phone
    The new phone system is VoIP which uses an Ethernet connection. Your phone will not work without an internet connection. Once internet is restored your phone will work.
  • The power is out on campus and my phone is not working
    Once the campus generator is up and running your phone will start working again.
  • Several departments have asked whether there is a way to place a call from home without exposing your personal phone number. This can be done by using the Zulu softphone. If you are interested in using the Zulu softphone application while working from home, please contact the Helpdesk to make this request or call x5999.  
  • Can you have both a desktop phone and use the softphone (Zulu)?
    Yes, both will ring when calls come in and you can answer calls on either one.

Grandstream Specific

  • How do I transfer a call so that I can introduce the caller prior to the transfer
    This is called an “Attended Transfer”. During the first active call, press the softkey transfer on your screen or press the “transfer”
    button (button with two phones). Dial the extension or 10 digit number, then press the “AttTrnf” softkey or press the “transfer” button again.
  • How do I add a second participant to my call (i.e.conference call) Note: this can only be done with a desktop phone at present.
    While on a call with someone, press “conference” button, dial the extension or 10 digit number of the person you want to add to your call and press the “dial” softkey. Once the other person is on your call you can press the “conference” button again to add all participants to the call.

Zulu Softphone Specific

  • I want to use the Zulu softphone while I am working from home. Can I just install the software and start using it?
    No, an account needs to be set up for you by the telcom group. You can submit a TDX Helpdesk ticket to get the process started.
  • Where do I install the Zulu software for my Carleton owned computer?
    Once you have a Zulu account set up, you need to install the Zulu software from Carleton’s K1000 software portal.
  • I am getting an “unable to connect to the Carleton network” error when I try to open my Zulu software.
    There are a few things that could be the problem:
    * You need to be connected the the VPN
    * The Port needs to be 8002
    * You need to use this specific username: (ie.
  • I just got a Zulu softphone for working from home. I already have a voicemail recorded on my Grandstream desk phone, do I need to still record a voicemail in Zulu?
    No you do not need to record another greeting. Your voicemail is associated with your extension so it will work for both your desk phone and Zulu.
  • Do I have to keep the softphone program (Zulu) open?
    Yes, but you can minimize the window.  It will continue to run in the background so you can receive calls.
  • I just got Zulu for working from home but my calls are not coming through the application
    Did you previously have your number forwarded to another phone? You would need to cancel the forward for Zulu to work.
  • How will I know if a call comes in?
    If you have a headset plugged into your computer
  • How to pause music when a phone call comes in?
    Open your music streaming app, and press pause.
  • How do I transfer a call in Zulu?
    While on a call with someone, press the “transfer” button (showing two phones), enter the extension or 10 digit number you want to transfer the person and then press the “transfer” button on the keypad (showing a single phone).
  • I use a Mac and if I have my Zulu running and my Mac falls asleep, Zulu won’t reopen.  What should I do?
    Zulu is still available, but you need to open it from the status menu and not from the dock.  Look for the “Z” in the upper right hand corner of the screen and click on it.