Share your ideas on how to strengthen sustainability at Carleton! Keep in mind that the Sustainability Working Group is charged with establishing a wholly new approach to sustainability for Carleton. This includes establishing key activities, initiatives, and structures for the College that advance environmental justice practices, accelerate progress toward carbon neutrality, and foster academic and community-building collaborations.

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We invite interested departments, organizations, and other groups that are especially interested in this topic to host brainstorming sessions exploring opportunities. We are happy to help you with an event, or take input from your community.

Some guiding questions:

  • How are you or your department/office/organization already addressing sustainability or environmental justice practices?
    • What support or opportunities would help you advance this work in new ways?
  • What sustainability or environmental justice learning or action opportunities would you like to lead, support, or participate in?
  • What specific sustainability and environmental justice solutions should we pursue on and beyond campus (e.g. with community partners or alumni)?
  • What is already happening in the broader field of sustainability?
    • Do you have any existing examples of innovative climate solutions, education, or sustainable practices from places other than Carleton that you would like to share?
    • What about these models would you be excited to see at Carleton?