Initial Proposal

Students are not required to submit an Initial Proposal to the Sustainability Revolving Fund in order to submit a final application. However, the Initial Proposal is highly encouraged, as is some prior consultation with a STA or a faculty or staff adviser. The Initial Proposal should provide a general outline of the project one hopes to pursue. The Initial Proposal is an excellent opportunity to identify what areas a project will need to focus on before constructing a full SRF Application.

The SRF Initial Proposal is available for download on the right and should be submitted to Sarah Fortner.

SRF Application

These items must be addressed in the project submission:

  • Project Definition
  • Project Scope
  • Key assumptions/Constraints
  • Project approach/Methodology
  • Project Schedule
  • Financial / “Pay Back” Plan
  • Risks and Contingencies
  • Post Project Review
  • Signatures

For a description of what each of these items entails, download the application at the right.