Musser Hallway Lights: Fall 2012

Following a spectacular victory in Green Wars 2012, some Musser dorm-dwellers pushed to have fewer hallway lights on all of the time. These efforts eventually transformed into a SRF project to install timers so 14 of the 23 hallway lights on each floor would turn off at night. The remaining nine lights are part of an emergency circuit that must always be on for safety purposes.

Estimated annual savings: 4897 kWh, $348.  Estimated payback: 2.4 years.

Drying Racks: Spring 2012

Thanks to this SRF proposal, two foldable drying racks were made available on each floor of every dorm as an alternative to the drying machines. The project is expected to reduce the number of dryer loads in the dorms. These racks are available for any student to use, and should be kept in the custodial closet, lounge, or other common area when not in use. This proposal came from members of the Students Organized for the Protection of the Environment.

Estimated annual savings: 9126 kWh, $548.  Estimated payback: 3 years.

Vending Machines: Spring 2009

Members of the Students Organized for the Protection of the environment proposed that vending machines be turned off over winter and summer breaks to reduce electricity consumption. During winter break (42 days), 12 machines would be turned off; during summer break (84 days), 14 machines would be turned off. The implementation of this project consisted of 6 vending machines being shut of for 6 weeks during summer vacation, when the buildings were unoccupied. Each vending machines is estimated to use about 520 kW (for comparison, a laptop might use ~25 W).

Original estimated annual savings: $1235, at no cost to the school. Annual savings estimated by audit: $469.

Low-flow Shower Heads: Spring 2009-Spring 2011

This proposal from SOPE asked to install low-flow showerheads in all dorm showers. The proposed low flow showerheads emitted 1.5 gallons of water per minute, compared to the old 2.5 gallons per minute, which was expected to reduce water consumption by 10 gallons per shower. This goal of this project was to reduce water consumption, energy expended to heat water, and wastewater disposal. The majority of the predicted savings from this project were from decreased wastewater disposal. An audit of this project determined that lower flow showerheads (2.0 gpm models) were installed in Musser, Myers, Watson, and Burton.

Original estimated annual savings: $13,830. Original estimated payback: less than 2 years (based on a Goodhue pilot project).

Estimated annual savings from audit based on water usage data: $425.

CFL installation: Spring 2008

The Students Organized for the Protection of the Environment proposed to have 86 incandescent light bulbs in the Chapel, Art Gallery, Nourse, and Music Hall replaced with compact fluorescent bulbs. An audit of this project found that 34 of the bulbs were successfully replaced as of Spring 2011.

Original estimated annual savings: $838. Annual energy savings estimated by an audit: $322, with an estimated payback of just over 6 years.