Weathered Crops

7 January 2016

By now, most people understand the long-term impact of climate change on crops, looking many years ahead at the gradual warming. But what about right now? Currently there are extreme weather events happening that are taking the greatest toll on crops in places like Canada, developed countries with the most technically advanced farming practices.

A study conducted recently showed that, “more recent droughts came with a 7% greater impact on food production than droughts of decades past.” Their results also found that extreme weather events are increasing. This study really put things in perspective for farmers. The farmers now have bigger issues on their plate as the extreme weather events increase, causing their food production to decrease. Even some of the most developed countries with very advanced farming practices are struggling with all the weather events hitting them right now. What does that mean for our future? Isn’t it time to finally acknowledge all the dangers to our world that arise because of our negligent actions?

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