Powershift 2011 – Final Update

20 April 2011

In case you’re disappointed that you missed Bill McKibben’s speech from last Friday night, you can watch the video online here.

In other news, Powershift 2011 is now over. The last day was an exciting – albeit short – one. Along with 10,000 other youth from across the country, the Carleton Powershift contingent participated in a rally in Lafayette Square, across from the White House.

Powershift group
Photo courtesy of Jane Stitt.

The rally was an amazing experience – it was hard to feel defeated about the monumental task of tackling climate change when there were 10,000 other people in green hard hats (not sure how sustainable those are…) waving signs and chanting and cheering. A sampling of the signs: “Climate Justice,” “100% Clean Energy Now,” “The US Chamber Doesn’t Speak For Me,” “Make Polluters Pay,” “Frack My State Up, I’ll Frack You Up” (frack = hydraulic fracturing), “Green Jobs,” “I Speak For The Trees,” “Drill Baby Drill Sounds Like Kill Baby Kill,” “Coal Is Over, Find The Future.”

Powershift 2011 rally 

Unfortunately, we had to catch our bus at 11:30 a.m. for our 20-hour return trip, so we had to duck out of the rally early. To compensate, we marched all the way back to the convention center waving our signs and chanting. So what if we got some weird looks?

Now that we’re back at Carleton, we’re planning to engage the campus and share our stories. We’ll be talking about the conference at tonight’s SOPE meeting and will hopefully be screening some movies and having workshops in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Also, read about Powershift in the news! There was coverage in the Washington PostLA TimesNew York TimesHuffingtonPostCNNPolitico, The Nation, and more.