Hiring a 5th Year Sustainability Education Associate

18 May 2023

The sustainability office is hiring a full-time fifth-year sustainability education associate! The role could start at the end of term and run through the winter or the following summer. Please share with folks who have recently graduated, or will graduate soon. We will be working on events that build awareness, community, and agency for sustainability and environmental justice solutions.

Your work will directly contribute to our next climate and sustainability actions in collaboration with Carleton students, faculty, staff, alumni and broader audiences. This is an exciting time as we dream big and identify new sustainability and climate outcome to advance.

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Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!  We hope to have someone who is available for a year, but would consider someone who can stay through winter term. The office is supporting updates to the Climate Action Plan now, so this work also includes opportunities to meet with and learn broadly about how groups on campus think about sustainability. 

Pay will be $17.75/hr after July 1st.

young people at a climate march hold a sign saying: we demand climate justice!
Sustainability work includes building literacy, supporting decisions that reduce emissions, and advocacy for policy change.