How we engage with our Northfield and broader communities is vital to the success of our work. While the majority of our programs take place on campus or locally, we also engage regionally and nationally for change. Our office has supported the development of Northfield’s Climate Action Plan, participated in local energy and resilience decision making and outreach, and led local, regional, and national sustainability and climate action workshops. We especially celebrate Earth Day with weeklong activities in collaboration with many organizations on campus and in Northfield.

Now Underway: Cannon River Working Group (Jan 2024-April 2024)

We are co-leading a series of 3 meetings in partnership with Clean River Partners & the City of Northfield to explore ways that Carleton, St. Olaf, and other organizations might contribute to the Riverfront Development planning and implementation activities underway. This is part of strengthening our support for Northfield’s Climate Action Plan and the MN State Climate Action Framework. We see models for resilience that are most successful are co-created with partners. The Cannon River offer opportunities for connecting our community to history and change (Meeting 1 participants & synthesis, Meeting 2 participants & synthesis).

Professional Memberships