July 9 – 28, 2023

Institute Schedule

Prior to attendance, students will receive a detailed schedule for their time in SLAI. This institute schedule outlines the general structure of our programs and is subject to change during the program.


Check-in takes place from 3:00-5:00 pm on Sunday, July 9. Upon checking in, students will receive:

  • program materials & schedule
  • room key
  • access card.

Students will then proceed to their floors, meet their PACA, get settled in, and meet their floor mates!

After 5:00 pm, SLAI staff will conduct an opening kickoff meeting, introduce students to the dining hall, facilitate floor bonding and establish residential rules. All students should make sure to arrive and check in by 5:00 pm so they don’t miss the opening meeting.

Two SLAI staff sit behind a table with boxes of keys and lanyards. They talk to two students standing on the other side of the table, and one is signing a piece of paper

During the Institute

Students will experience a full schedule of classes, activities, and off campus field trips, which they will receive once they arrive to campus. See the Daily Schedule tab for a sample of what each day would look like at SLAI.

Family Visits

Family members are welcome to visit their student during the Institute. However, due to busy student schedules and our aim to cultivate a true college experience, visits must be scheduled within the following days and times:

Sundays 12:00pm – 4:00pm

SLAI policy requires students to check in and out with our staff. We ask that you stay in Northfield to spend time with your student.


Each SLAI program concludes with a final symposium showcasing the work of the Summer Carls. Program faculty will determine the proper event in order to display the work completed by their students (examples include poster presentations, recitations, demonstrations, theater performances). The symposium is open to families and is an opportunity for students to present their inquiry based work.

The symposium will take place the morning of the final day of the program. An email will be sent to families with event details. Lunch will be provided following the event for all attendees.

Two Summer Carls stand looking towards a research poster. One is explaining the poster to the other.


The final day of the program moves quickly. After the final symposium, students return to their residence halls to collect their belongings and check-out with SLAI staff. They will depart either with family or on the reserved shuttle.

Become a Summer Carl

Ready to spend your summer with us? The 2023 application has closed, but explore how to apply for next year!