Art in a Changing Landscape

July 12 – 31, 2020

How do you observe your surroundings? How do you focus your attention? What is your relationship with the natural environment? What can you say through the work you make? Art can foster a unique level of engagement with the environment around us, and this can generate many diverse insights and applications.
This course is focused on studio skills: drawing, printmaking, and bookbinding. We will use these creative tools to record and think about what we see in the surrounding landscape. In addition, the course will address topics such as studying art in college, how to create a portfolio, writing an artist statement, and exhibiting artwork.

Application Requirement: Art Portfolio

Your application to the art program will not be complete until you upload an art portfolio supplement. You will have the opportunity to upload your work after you submit your application on your status page. For your portfolio, please compile 5 images of original art work that best demonstrates your skills and interests. For each image, please include the following information about the artwork:

  1. Title
  2. Medium
  3. Dimensions
  4. A 1-2 sentence description of the piece

Email with any questions.

Academic Credit Information

Summer Carls can earn up to six Carleton course credits (typically transfers as three semester credits) for successfully meeting faculty expectations and completing course requirements. In addition to receiving written feedback about course performance from faculty, students will receive one of the following three possible grade designations: satisfactory (S), credit (Cr), or no credit (NC). Formal academic transcripts are available upon request for Summer Carl alumni and will reflect the name of the course and grade earned.

2020 Program Description and Faculty:

Drawing and Printmaking;

Art in a Changing Landscape

An art practice can profoundly affect how we see and relate to our surroundings. This way of working can create a changed perspective, one that enables us to notice, reflect upon, and make connections to the world around us.

This course will introduce observational drawing skills, the printmaking process through a variety of approaches, and bookbinding. Students will develop a critical eye and a language for discussing their studio work. They will also consider a connection between art and nature. Drawing outside, field trips, and directed readings will enhance that theme of the program. The course will culminate in an exhibit of drawings and prints.