Updated 2021 Scholarship Information Coming Soon!

College Board® Scholarships

The College Board® offers three different types of scholarships. To learn more about these different opportunities, please visit the College Board® website.

If you receive a College Board® scholarship, it covers the workshop tuition of $650. 2020 scholarship attendees do not need to submit a deposit, as tuition will be paid in full directly from the College Board®. Scholarship attendees who submitted payment before May 27th, 2020, will be refunded.

After completing our online registration form, please forward the scholarship email you received from the College Board® to summer@carleton.edu, so we may apply the scholarship to your tuition cost.

Minnesota Scholarships

Minnesota teachers who are teaching or plan to teach and AP® course are eligible for a scholarship from the state. Historically, the Minnesota Department of Education has reimbursed school districts at least $500 for tuition and $150 or more for room and board for each teacher attending an Advanced Placement® Summer Institute. Depending upon the total number of enrollments for this summer, MDE may be able to reimburse school districts up to the full cost of the Institute; unfortunately, that decision will not be made until after all summer institutes have closed. Participants must register and pay to reserve their spot in the workshop.

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) form should be submitted directly to the address listed on the form and not to Carleton. Districts are reimbursed after the completion of the AP training, so all workshop payments are required to be submitted according to our deadlines. See our Costs and Academic Credit page for more information.